I make a lot of eggs on Saturday mornings.  I feed the multitudes like Jesus. But I don’t make fish. I don’t have a magic basket that keeps popping up with the fishes. And no one will build a church in my honor. Continue reading

I’m really only funny if you know me.

I was at work, working. Doing the marketing. That’s what I do for work because I’m too old to do the lifting. I’m over 40. I’m old. Continue reading

Feeling Minnesota

By Jeff

Ever been to Minnesota? I’ve been there three times for work. Continue reading

Marketing has made me a better dad.

by Jeff

I know it seems like an obvious thing to write. We all know that marketers (a marketing term to describe a marketing professional) are savvy in near-supernatural ways and compassionate at saintly levels. Of course those skills are going to translate into some bad-ass parenting. Continue reading