My kids haven’t learned that people suck.

People suck. Well, not you. You obviously don’t suck. 

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Front Yard Jungleland: a DIY Tip on How to Meet the Neighbors

If you ask my mom, there’s an ever-increasing problem in the world today—no one sits on the front porch anymore. Or hangs out on the stoop. Continue reading

Life is a highway to hell.

by Jeff

Once in a while someone will forget who I am and ask me a question. And sometimes that unfortunate person will ask me about my take on parenting. Continue reading

Working Dad

Readers who know me and read my last post asked if I was maybe just absolutely lying to them. Continue reading



I had the extremely rare opportunity to clean the house undisturbed. Jill took the kids to Michigan and it was just me versus our collective neuroses. Continue reading

2012 is gone. Let’s talk about it behind its back.

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