I’ve witnessed childbirth three different ways. I’ve been to two baby showers. I’ve attended a blogging convention where I was one of four men. I thought I had seen women at their most womenish. But none of those experiences prepared me for the master class that was the DEMONSTRATION. Continue reading


I got to talking to Kirsten one day. Before a meeting. Or after. Or maybe it was during the meeting. I don’t have the steadiest of attention spans. I do remember that we didn’t reserve the conference room just so I could unload some personal issues, but that’s what ended up happening. Continue reading

I’m really only funny if you know me.

I was at work, working. Doing the marketing. That’s what I do for work because I’m too old to do the lifting. I’m over 40. I’m old. Continue reading


It’s impossible for me to explain what it’s like to be around me. Because I’ve never been around me. I’m always inside me. Deep inside.  Continue reading

I won a Twitter contest at work and everyone lost their shit.

I work in a marketing firm. About a year ago, I sold my bosses on a new brand campaign, complete with a shiny new hashtag for the social medias. I promised them it would be a great way to engage with their audience and establish a distinctive brand and everything else they pay me to tell people. Continue reading

Thanks a lot, RUINERS.

Why does everybody have to ruin everything? I’m a very simple man with very few joys and I really would appreciate it if you all would just stop walking right up to me and ruining shit for me. Continue reading