I’ve witnessed childbirth three different ways. I’ve been to two baby showers. I’ve attended a blogging convention where I was one of four men. I thought I had seen women at their most womenish. But none of those experiences prepared me for the master class that was the DEMONSTRATION. Continue reading

One movie that definitely needs parental guidance.

Jill and I do not do things like most couples. For example, we inexplicably chose to unschool. We also haven’t had one night without kids in 10 years.  Continue reading


Friends, feel free to stop right here. Because there’s only an “um” and an “or” separating humor from horror (ok, so there are two R’s in horror–the whole thing only really works when you say it aloud–but that’s really getting way off track here. JUST CALM THE HELL DOWN). However, this is America, and you have every right to read this post and decide which this is all on your own. Or don’t. Or really don’t.

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