I don’t give a f**k what the Chinese Zodiac says, 2017 was THE YEAR OF THE DEAD HAMSTER.  Continue reading


One day Jill decided there wasn’t enough shit in the house. Actual shit. So she went out and got us two guinea pigs. Continue reading

You’re welcome, Nature.

SUMMER IS DEAD. People are using lyrics from Boys of Summer in their status updates. The memory of Joyland is still fresh in my mind. Pumpkin Spice is being shoved at me everywhere. So I’m extra moody today as I mourn the summer that never really was. Continue reading


by Jeff

Recently, near bedtime, Ben decided to scare the hell out of Jill. She was putting him to bed when he looked up into the corner of the room and asked Jill “Who’s dat?” Jill didn’t really have an answer because no one was there. Continue reading

Motorhome MASSACRE

By Jeff

What do you do when everything’s a mess and clutter is a huge challenge and the house is falling into disrepair and the kids have all drafted resolutions of war against one another? Well, you ignore the hell out of the house, move all of your problems into a much smaller, fumier space and then take that shit on the road. Continue reading