If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a person with no sense of humor. So, yeah, a person is a thing to me, I guess.

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I’m really only funny if you know me.

I was at work, working. Doing the marketing. That’s what I do for work because I’m too old to do the lifting. I’m over 40. I’m old. Continue reading

Individuals Who I Wish to Strike in the Neck Area

I’ve read Jen FUCKING Mann’s new book and I’ve been inspired.

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I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately. I still haven’t found mine. I think I left it somewhere in Monticello, Indiana. And that has everything to do with this post.

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Thanks a lot, RUINERS.

Why does everybody have to ruin everything? I’m a very simple man with very few joys and I really would appreciate it if you all would just stop walking right up to me and ruining shit for me. Continue reading


We’ve been invited to our very first blog hop by the thoroughly thoughtful team of Cassandra and Momus over at thenextdelusion.com. YAY! Continue reading