If you want to email me, PLEASE drop your electronic communique to:


But first ask yourself “Why?” Why are you emailing me? What dark paths have led you to this desperate place? What answers can I possibly have? Have you tried Google? I’m sure Google knows.

If you’re viewing this on your smartphone and you’d like the weather in Arizona, press 1 now. If you’d like the definition of “resting bitch face,” press 2 now. If you’d like a PSL or wish to express your hatred for mulberry bushes, press 3. I have no idea what will happen if you press those numbers.




  1. So how’s that novel going there? It seems it’s been a month, or has my feeble mind not grasped the rapid passage of time with all that’s been going on?

  2. No new blogs? How about “people driving in snow as tho they lived their whole life in Florida”, “cabin fever”, “the only good things about winter are no bugs or mulberry trees” or whatever crosses your mind. Missing your blogs.

    • jeffandjill

      02/26/2014 at 11:08 am

      There are 3 new posts. They’re not very good, but it’s been a looooooooong winter.

  3. Couldn’t respond to your last blog – it wouldn’t let me. Just wish to confirm all that the encouraging Jeff said – you’re very worthy, very talented and an all-around nice guy and….we love you. Stop beating yourself up.

  4. Just tried to read today’s blog “Hearts Give Out” and it is sending me to an ‘error 404’ page. What’s up with that?

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