I’ve been feeling really bad about myself lately. All of my blogger buddies are getting into anthologies or winning awards and I have a bunch of worthless, unfunny posts drafted. And the one post I’m willing to publish is just me whining to my few readers about my craptastic writing. Probably the stupidest route to take.

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Front Yard Jungleland: a DIY Tip on How to Meet the Neighbors

If you ask my mom, there’s an ever-increasing problem in the world today—no one sits on the front porch anymore. Or hangs out on the stoop. Continue reading

Toss Your House: a DIY tip for home security.

by Jeff

Nowadays, we all own too much stuff. I’m speaking for everyone. Storage units are a thing because consumers can’t stop consuming. And Storage Wars is a show because of course that’s where all this consumption leads: defaulting on debt. Continue reading

Lake Basement: a DIY tip for defrosting the freezer.

by Jeff

If you’re like us, you keep perishables until they pose a health hazard. And somewhere on your bacteria farm you have a huge freezer.  Ours is in the basement. Continue reading

Shelf Yourself: A DIY tip for dealing with clutter.

By Jeff

Surface is a precious resource in our home. Even in a home where the floor is considered a surface. But where it is virtually nonexistent is our kitchen. There’s nowhere to put anything down. Continue reading