An open letter to those who live outside the U.S. and may have seen Girl Meets World

Dear person who lives outside the U.S. and may have seen Girl Meets World,

There are a few things I need to say to you right now:

  1. I am so so so sorry you had to see that.
  2. SO sorry.
  3. The images and dialogue exported from my homeland under the title Girl Meets World are in no way representative of my country. NO ONE LIVES LIKE THAT. NO ONE SAYS THOSE THINGS. NO ONE ACTS THAT WAY. Not here. More than likely, not anywhere. That behavior violates almost all known human social norms and conventions.
  4. None of this is your fault. You might not be fluent in English and perhaps you felt that you were losing something in the translation—and that somehow your horrific Girl Meets World experience was due to a personal failure to master the English language. No. That is not right. I’m here to assure you that you have no role in this. The show is as bad as it seems. In fact, it might be worse. My only hope is that the language barrier spared you from the worst of it. You did not ask for this. You did not deserve this. You were wronged. You are a victim.
  5. If you are in a position of power with the authority to declare war, please do not invade us. I, too, felt enraged the first time my kids streamed this show, but violence is not an acceptable response. In fact, an aggressive response will only inspire the Girl Meets World writers to write a storyline about how an aggressive response will only bring about more suffering—something they will demonstrate by creating more Girl Meets World content.
  6. I am extremely sorry.
  7. Other shows you need to avoid. Punch anyone square in the face if they offer to show you any of the following:
    1. Crash and Bernstein
    2. Jessie
    3. Netflix Original: Some Assembly Required
    4. Netflix Original: Richie Rich
    5. Life with Boys
    6. Full House
    7. Fuller House
    8. Liv & Maddie
    9. Crash and Bernstein
    10. Crash and Bernstein
    11. Crash and Bernstein
    12. Crash and Bernstein
    13. Crash and Bernstein

I don’t know how much Girl Meets World you have ingested. I don’t know what your perception of the life of the average American was before you viewed. So I don’t know the extent of the damage.

But I do know that it is time to heal. I must raise my voice for the average American citizen and declare “I WILL NOT LET GIRL MEETS WORLD REPRESENT ME IN ANY WAY!” To sit by and let this go on would be an endorsement of the behaviors and attitudes that are so annoyingly, destructively offensive. This show is detrimental to the health and well-being of the world. The health of this very planet and the people who live upon it.

My parting thought: Please understand that America is an imperfect place. Like all countries, we have our missteps. Sometimes we create things like Girl Meets World and try to share those things beyond our borders. We mean well. We think we’re making “entertainment.” But we end up hurting innocents and non-combatants.

Without knowing about the damage our exports cause, sometimes these shows gain wide public support. Right now, Girl Meets World has an 82% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


I know. I’m shocked too.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. As Americans. As global citizens. As human beings. Hopefully this is just the first step on a journey to a better world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know I feel better.





  1. I have managed to avoid this show, but I did subject myself to Full House in the 90’s and two episodes of Fuller House earlier this year when my depo shot made me overly sentimental and brain damaged. I have learned to fight this with Sudafed and coffee.

    • jeffandjill

      05/03/2016 at 4:23 pm

      I’m sorry you went through that. No one can give you that time or those brain cells back. It’s all gone. Move forward into healing.

  2. Have not been subjected to that show as yet, thank goodness , but I have seen JESSIE and it brings on a flood of nausea, controlled only by leaving the room at 5 minute intervals.

  3. My adult children have an unnatural affection for both Fuller House and Girl Meets World. Somewhere along the line, I failed miserably as a parent…and an American.

    • jeffandjill

      05/24/2016 at 8:33 am

      Don’t be too hard on yourself. America failed us Americans by allowing both shows to pollute young minds. They were each worse than communism.

  4. I watched Fuller House and it sucked so hard. However, there was Uncle Jessie 🙂

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