MonthJanuary 2015

One movie that definitely needs parental guidance.

Jill and I do not do things like most couples. For example, we inexplicably chose to unschool. We also haven’t had one night without kids in 10 years.  Continue reading


I was a dog. Conditioned to cringe at the sound of a ringing telephone or the crackle of a two-way radio. I wore both on my belt and they screamed at me all day, their combined weight tugging on my jeans with every step. Continue reading

Shopping trip

For those of you who saw me walk into that little shop on Jackson and buy that marijuana pipe, let me clear things up right now: I only bought it because I knew you were watching. Okay? It was a joke. Continue reading


Goatees are the Nickelback of facial hair. They get more hate than they truly deserve. And I’ve had about enough.

I take stands now. Continue reading