MonthJuly 2013

Lake Basement: a DIY tip for defrosting the freezer.

by Jeff

If you’re like us, you keep perishables until they pose a health hazard. And somewhere on your bacteria farm you have a huge freezer.  Ours is in the basement. Continue reading

Marketing has made me a better dad.

by Jeff

I know it seems like an obvious thing to write. We all know that marketers (a marketing term to describe a marketing professional) are savvy in near-supernatural ways and compassionate at saintly levels. Of course those skills are going to translate into some bad-ass parenting. Continue reading


by Jeff

Everybody needs something to hate. Continue reading

Shelf Yourself: A DIY tip for dealing with clutter.

By Jeff

Surface is a precious resource in our home. Even in a home where the floor is considered a surface. But where it is virtually nonexistent is our kitchen. There’s nowhere to put anything down. Continue reading

Motorhome MASSACRE

By Jeff

What do you do when everything’s a mess and clutter is a huge challenge and the house is falling into disrepair and the kids have all drafted resolutions of war against one another? Well, you ignore the hell out of the house, move all of your problems into a much smaller, fumier space and then take that shit on the road. Continue reading

Working Dad

Readers who know me and read my last post asked if I was maybe just absolutely lying to them. Continue reading